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  • L Scenery Brush L Scenery Brush

    L Scenery Brush

    This large, flat brush (L Scenery) is ideal for quickly covering huge areas of terrain - whether your gaming table features a ruined cityscape or a battle-torn plain on a forgotten world, you’ll be spending far less time painting it and far more...

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  • Citadel - M Base

    Citadel - M Base

    This medium brush (M Base), ideal for basecoating features a flat shape with a curved top, entirely synthetic bristles for extended durability and two differing styles - side on for coverage, and a flat edge for detail.

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  • Citadel - M Shade

    Citadel - M Shade

    A round brush with a point designed for detailed shading, this brush (M Shade) features a synthetic and sable bristle blend for maximum paint retention, with an optimised bristle length allowing immediate, impressive results.

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  • Citadel - L Base

    Citadel - L Base

    Composed of entirely synthetic bristles for durability (this brush will see a lot of use!) and ideal for basecoating, this brush (L Base) features a large, wide side and a fine pointed edge - ideal for both fast coverage and tricky to reach areas.

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