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  • Birdeater Battle Strider

    Birdeater Battle Strider

    The Birdeater is an anti-air variant of the Tarantula, armed with the familiar and lethal twin ion-cannon. It often employs its climbing abilities to gain a commanding view of the battlefield - a highly useful ability for an anti-air unit! Since it is...

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  • Braves


    Shaltari infantry (UCM designation - 'Braves') are formidable opponents. Shaltari counteract their rather diminutive stature by taking to the battlefield in lithe, armoured exoskeletons over eight feet in height known as Warsuits. Their amazing agility...

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  • Caiman Heavy Grav-Tank

    Caiman Heavy Grav-Tank

    The Caiman is truly formidable battlefield predator whose agility belies its massive size. Its primary armament is the Gauss Triad, a weapon designed to reliably cut through heavy armour at long range. It is also armed with a pair of micro-lasers on...

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  • Dreamsnare/Leopard


    DREAMSNAREThe Dreamsnare is a specialist Warstrider variant which carries an energy shield boosting relay device, improving the effectiveness of passive countermeasures on all nearby Shaltari units. This makes it an excellent support unit for the nucleus...

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  • Eden Medium Gate

    Eden Medium Gate

    The elegant Eden is the mainstay of Shaltari orbit-ground troop insertion. Unlike the primitive dropships of other races, the Eden utilises teleportation technology to transfer units onboard an orbiting mothership to the battlefield instantaneously. The...

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  • Firebird/Thunderbird Gunships

    Firebird/Thunderbird Gunships

    FIREBIRD GUNSHIPSFirebird pilots are the some of the most fringe warriors of Shaltari society. They often graduate from Thunderbird craft to the Firebird in a need to fulfil their combative spirit and desire to see the destruction they cause first hand...

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  • Firedrake


    The Firedrake is a large and lethal gunship which carries the exotic Spatial Disruption Cannon as its primary armament, providing powerful air-ground fire support. This eldritch weapon becomes increasingly dangerous as the Firedrake closes distance with...

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  • Haven Terragates

    Haven Terragates

    The Haven utilises the same Gate technology featured in Shaltari dropship equivalents, but on the frame of a ground vehicle. As such, the Haven roughly equates to the APC's used by other races. Like its airborne cousin the Spirit, the Haven features fine...

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  • High Warchief Ramses, The Firstborn

    High Warchief Ramses, The Firstborn

    The being referred to by the UCM as 'Ramses' has been known to humanity for many hundreds of years. Ramses is not his true name but rather one he chose for himself when the very earliest of diplomatic channels between humanity and the Shaltatri were...

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  • Kukri AA-GT's

    The Kukri shares the same hull, and thus most of the combat characteristics of the Tomahawk. It features the same excellent combat speed, manoeuvrability and energy shielding. The Kukri is dedicated to the anti-air role and is armed with a pair of Ion...

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