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  • AH-16 Cyclone/Typhoon

    AH-16 Cyclone/Typhoon

    The AH-16 Cyclone is a dedicated attack helicopter, designed solely for dealing swift annihilation to ground targets. It is extremely large compared to its modern UCM equivalent, the Falcon Gunship, and requires a crew of two to operate. Such...

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  • AT-77 Lifthawk Medium Dropship

    AT-77 Lifthawk Medium Dropship

    The AT-77 Lifthawk was the most ubiquitous aerial transport vehicle of the pre-war years and many are still flying with Resistance forces today. Its muscular and robust VTOL design has made it possible to operate this workhorse from almost any secluded...

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  • Attack ATVs

    Attack ATVs

    Attack ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) encompass anything from quad bikes to all terrain mobility vehicles; resistance fighters don’t care what it was, as long as they can strap a grenade launcher to it and drive at high speed towards the enemy. Attack...

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  • Barrel Bomber

    Barrel Bomber

    The Barrel Bomber is known by many monikers; Monkey’s Revenge, Flying Bulldozer, The Elephant, Jellycrusher and Skyhammer are just a few examples. Despite being a homebrewed concoction, it’s curious to note that tinkering Resistance mechanics...

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  • Berserkers


    Berserkers are a ragtag collection of the most crazed, psychotic, homicidal maniacs present in the armies of the most savage of Resistance warlords. Often, they go to war in a drug crazed red haze, intent on nothing but the glorious release of murderous...

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  • Fire Wagon

    Fire Wagon

    The fire wagon is unusual in that its primary weapon system is always built from scratch. Sources for giant, car-sized flamethrowers were unfortunately not common in pre-war arsenals! These homemade flamethrowers are uncomplicated and of a standard...

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  • Freeriders


    Freeriders form the backbone of almost any Resistance recon patrol and utilise extremely fast bikes to zip around battlefields and explore behind enemy lines. These vehicles are a wide variety of pre-war civilian models, often with a strong aesthetic...

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  • Gun Wagon

    Gun Wagon

    Gun wagons are usually armed with conventional rapid fire cannons mounted for the anti-air role which offer reasonable rate of fire, acceptable range and excellent reliability. Such weapons are plentiful to most Resistance groups as there are usually...

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  • Gunnarr of Elysium, The Ferryman

    Gunnarr of Elysium, The Ferryman

    Gunnarr gained the moniker 'The Ferryman' by age 19, simply because he had already (and personally) sent a great many rivals to the next world. He is a true psychopath and lives only or violence, blood and death. After over a decade of slaughter, The...

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  • J 19 Hellhog

    J 19 Hellhog

    The J19 Hellhog is a truly dangerous heavy strike jumpjet, designed primarily for the ground attack role. It is one of the only fighters operated by the Resistance as its VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) capabilities have allowed it to operate from...

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  • Jessie Adams

    Jessie Adams

    Jessie Adams is a somewhat unorthodox figure for a military leader. Diminutive in stature and approaching 60, her quiet demeanour hides the mind of a brilliant guerrilla fighter and leader of her people. She commands a group of Resistance fighters around...

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