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  • 7.62cm Krupp IG - GGE561

    The 7.62cm Krupp IG gun gives German infantry a weapon capable of destroying the targets that heavy artillery misses, or against attacking enemy tanks. This makes it a very versatile and an essential part of an assault. Contains: 2x 7.62cm Krupp IG...

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  • 7.7cm FK96 n.A Gun - GGE571

    With the number of tanks the enemy now fielding, a good defensive position is not completely prepared unless it has some guns on hand. The 7.7cm field guns are devastating against tanks, or can be used to shell waves of attacking infantry. Contains: 2x 7...

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  • A7V Tank - GGE100

    The Germans created their own panzers. Bristling with machine-guns and a 57mm gun, the A7V is an impressive weapon with thicker armour and faster mobility than most enemy tanks. In addition, the Germans also use captured British tanks to take the fight...

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  • Company Weapons - GGE715

    The 3.7cm TaK anti-tank gun has the ability to penetrate enemy tanks’ armour and knock them out. Its low profile also makes it suitable to move across no-man’s-land to support the infantry. The 7.6cm Minenwerfer mortar is light enough...

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  • Infanterie Manchine Gun Platoon - GGE714

    The Maxim machine-gun has drastically changed how battles are fought. A small crew of men can put out a remarkable amount of fire, while a whole platoon has an immense rate of fire. Contains: 4x Maxim MG 08 HMG teams. Models supplied unassembled and...

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  • Stiner's Strosstruppen

    Contains: 1x Stosskompanie HQ (with 2 teams), 2x Stoss Platoons (each with 8 teams), 2x Stoss Machine-gun Platoon (each with 2 teams), 1x Stoss 7.6cm Minenwefer, 2x 7.62cm Infantry Guns, 1x 7.7cm Artillery Battery (with 2 guns), 2x A7V Tanks and 1x...

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  • Stoss Platoon - GGE716

    Stoss Platoons are heavily equipped with submachine-guns and grenades to clear trenches. They are then followed-up by regular infantry with light machine-guns for mobile firepower, and flame-throwers to knock out the strongpoints. The techniques they...

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