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  • Italian Mas Boats - 785012002

    Italian Mas Boats - 785012002

    Motoscafo Anti Sommergibile, or MAS boats, weighed between 20 and 30 tons and were smaller than most other nations. They were, however, good boats and gave the Allies a tough time. They had a ten-man crew; their principal armament was two torpedoes and a...

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  • Italian Regio Marina Fleet

    The Regia Marina was confident, had indisputably the most handsome ships in the world and referred to the troubled waters of the Mediterranean as Mare nostrum(our sea). By the start of the war, as well as capital ships, it fielded 59 destroyers and 67...

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  • Marinefahrprahm F-Lighter - 785112007

    The F-lighter was originally a converted tank landing craft that was being developed for the Kriegsmarine. Up armoured, shallow drafted and equipped with 88mm guns and flak guns, the F-lighter were small silhouette targets that proved very tricky to...

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